Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 18

(Taken 7/5)

I've lived in Concord most of my life, but I've never been inside the military condo complex near willow pass park. When I realized they had a good view of the mountain, I thought i'd drive through to see if there was a good spot to park and take a shot. As I pulled in, I noticed how vacant the neighborhood looked- it almost had an eerie, abandoned ghost-town feel to it. When I lived in the midwest, I covered a story in the town of Picher, Oklahoma. The town was asked to evacuate by the government due to the high levels of lead in the area. The residents proudly refused to leave their hometown...until one day, the weather took control. A tornado came and wiped out the majority of the town. Unfortunately, Picher, Oklahoma was never the same. I got the same feeling driving through this empty military housing complex as I did when I drove through Picher, Oklahoma. If the Concord units really do sit empty most of the year, I think the government should open them up to civilians/residents in need of affordable housing. I mean, how could you not take advantage of this killer view!!

It's truly amazing what you stumble on when you set out to take a picture of the same thing everyday. The whole journey has been anything but mundane.

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