Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 11

(Taken 6/28)

Today's picture was taken at around 8:30 pm. I wish cameras could capture what our eyes really see, because the sky was more pink than in the picture. Either way, the mountain still catches my attention

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 10

(Taken 6/27)

This is a repeat location, can you guess where it was taken?

Day 9

(Taken 6/26)

My sister and I were headed to walk the Lafayette Reservoir. We missed our exit on the freeway, and ended up taking a detour in Lafayette (ok so we got a little lost). But sometimes when you get lost, it's for a reason. Making a wrong turn can sometimes mean you get to see something you wouldn't have seen otherwise. In this situation, we were surprised with this amazing view:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 8

(taken 6/25)

My husband and I drove to Mitchell Canyon road in Clayton after having dinner with some friends. I took the picture around 8 o clock. I love the way the clouds/fog gather at the top of the mountain which is happening a bit in this photo:

On another note, I have some really exciting things in the works for this blog, so definitely stay tuned :-)

Day 7

(Taken 6/24)

I got off of work at around 8:30, and rushed to get this picture. I knew where I wanted to take the picture, but was worried it was going to get too dark before I got there. As I drove down the freeway I realized how much less daylight i'll have in the winter to take pictures....and then it dawned on me. No need to speed to get there, because I was going to get whatever picture I get...kind of a deep thought, but it was a good reminder to not stress the little things and let life happen. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 6

June 23, 12

Here's Saturday's picture of the mountain...taken at around 7 pm. Fun fact: there are around 38 different species of dragonflies in Contra Costa County. And if you're wondering when the tarantulas make their trek on the mountain -- it happens in September and October...I'll have to get some up close shots for that event :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5

June 22, 12

Today I went for a hike with my sister at the Black Diamond Mine Regional Preserve in Antioch. We've hiked here before, but our usual trail doesn't give us a view of Mt. D so we tried a different route. At the top of our trail I realized I needed to get even higher to see the mountain. There was a small trail up a huge, monster hill that took me about 30 mins to get up. When I thought I reached the top I realized there was yet another hill to go up. I was starting to get a little frustrated, but I turned around, and there she was! It made me laugh that here I was hiking this huge hill to find the mountain and it was right behind me the whole entire time.

It was worth it though :)

Here were some of the other views from the top of the hill:

And we also ran into this guy!

Day 4

June 21, 12

This picture was taken off of Bailey road in between Concord and Pittsburg. It was about 10 am, so the sun wasn't in the best spot, but i've always loved the view from Bailey Rd.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 3

June 20, 12

It's officially summer!!!!! And it feels like it! Today's picture was taken off of Imhoff Dr. in Martinez at about 8:30 pm. This area is mainly an industrial park, but luckily it's a safe spot to pull over and snap a few shots since there aren't many cars out that way. There were a few people who drove by when I was taking the pictures, and it's a kick to see the look on their faces- it's intrigue meets confusion lol. Either way i'm having fun with the project!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 2

June 19, 2012

I wanted to capture a sunset shot, but when you arrive 15 minutes before the sun sets, you get something like this:

I also found a really interesting non-profit organization committed to preserving Mt. Diablo and it's wildlife. They host events that take place on the mountain:

Day 1

June 18, 2012

Today my mom would have turned 49. Unfortunately she passed away 8 years ago. It was a horrible loss because it was unexpected. She was an awesome mom, and a caring person. Our family has grown up in the East Bay Area (CA) and live under the shadow of Mt. Diablo.

She told me once that when she was young she never appreciated the beauty of Mt. Diablo, and took it for granted. She said she wanted to take a picture of the mountain once a day, for a year.

Since she's no longer with us, I'm taking this project into my own showcase 365 days of Mt. Diablo. It's going to be a commitment, and i'm still not sure what possessed me to take this on...without delay, here it is...Mt. Diablo -- Day 1.