Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 72

Taken Wed. 8/29/12

Who cares if my back has been hurting and I got my first root canal on Tuesday! I still need my hiking fix! And i'm so glad my sister and I went because I felt 100% better after getting some exercise, AND we got these awesome pics!

(this is a picture of an owl pellet...Edelle knew all about this interesting/somewhat gross thing that you can read more about here if you don't have a weak stomach :) I also need to give photo credit to Edelle for this picture and the ones above of the sun peaking through the brush...she's a great photographer!

Day 71

Taken Tue. 8/28/12

Day 70

Taken Mon. 8/27/12

Just a quick update for anyone who reads my post from last Grand Auntie is out of the hospital, and seems to be doing a lot better. They will continue to keep a close eye on her, but unfortunately she will soon be in hospice. She has lived such a long, great life (104!), and the best thing our family can do is show our support and spend time with her. To read a story my Auntie shared with me about a hiking adventure click here...or scroll down to Day 66.

On a lighter note, my grandparents and aunt were able to come over for dinner at my house, and afterwards I ended up taking this amazing shot:

Day 69

Taken Sun. 8/26/12

Day 68

Taken Sat. 8/25/12

Industrial Beauty:

Sadly, this is probably the most common way people see the mountain in the East Bay - refineries and industrial structures in the foreground...

Day 67

(Taken Fri 8/24/12)

This shot was taken at the entrance of the Mitchell Canyon side of the mountain:

Day 66

(Taken Thur. 8/23/12)

              I don’t usually like to put out super personal things on the internet, but I had something happen today that I need to share. This morning, I found out that my great aunt (who is 104 and going strong) is in the hospital. I went right away to go see her and spend time with her. I feel so horrible for not spending more time with her and there really is no excuse since I’ve been back home since March.
            When I got to the hospital, and found her room, she instantly awoke as I came inside and said hello. She is doing a lot better than I originally thought, and it made my day to sit and talk with her.
            On the TV screen in her room, a slideshow of nature pictures was playing. Half Dome in Yosemite popped up and I made a comment about it. I asked her if she had ever been to half dome and she said, “Oh yes.” She started to tell me a story about an adventure she had hiking near Half Dome when she was in her early 20’s. Auntie’s dad, brother (my grandpa), and two of their friends/neighbors were all camping in Yosemite.  She knew so many details about the trip and even remembers what she was wearing.
            She said they started out late on a hike, and the trail quickly grew dark as the sun went down. From what I understand, the group got separated and her neighbor sprained her ankle… She said a full moon came out and lit up the trail. She and her friend were wearing white blouses which reflected in the moonlight- making it easier for the group to find one another and reunite. Auntie told me, “I’m not a very great hiker”, but I can tell she still enjoyed being outdoors and in nature.  
            Sitting with her and hearing about her adventures in Yosemite makes me so grateful that I have the opportunity to also enjoy these places. It also makes me wonder if we will reach a point where future generations won’t be able to enjoy natural environments in the same way we do. I do know that we, as a race, are leaving stronger imprints on Earth with each year. My hope and my prayer is that my children’s chidlren’s children and so on will grow up enjoying the great outdoors and places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Mt. Diablo….because even if we aren’t the greatest hikers, we still need to appreciate and preserve our world.
            I’ll keep you updated on Auntie’s status. My gut tells me she’ll be out of the hospital and back home in no time, but prayers are greatly appreciated.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 65

Taken Wed. 8-22-12

Day 64

Taken Tue. 8-21-12

Day 63

Taken Mon. 8-20-12

Day 62

Taken Sun. 8-19-12

Day 61

Taken Sat. 8-18-12

Day 60

Taken Fri. 8-17-12

Day 59

Taken Thur. 8-16-12

Day 58

Taken Wed. 8-15-12

Day 57

Taken Tue. 8-14-12

We had an amazing sunset this day!!

Day 56

Taken Mon. 8-13-12

Day 55

Taken Sunday 8-12-12

Some interesting looking clouds hanging out.

Day 54

Taken Sat. 8-11-12

Day 53

Taken Friday, 8-10-12

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 52

Taken Thur. 8-9-12

I decided to go on a spur-of-the-moment sunset hike with my sister and her friend. We drove in to Black Diamond Mines for the hike. As the park ranger told us we only had a certain amount of time left before they closed the gates, I knew we had to get to the top and fast!! My sister suggested a different trail up- one that I had never taken before. I was hesitant to go a new way with limited time, but I put my trust in her, and i'm so glad I did because it was an awesome trail with amazing photo opps!!

Day 51

Taken Wed. 8-8-12

I drove in to Mitchell Canyon for this shot.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 50!!

Taken Tue. 8-7-12

It's officially been 50 days of Mt. Diablo pics, and i'm happy to reach this point! I am so grateful for all the shots i've taken and can't wait for future ones. I haven't posted in over 2 weeks, and now I know to never let that much time get by (It's really hard to remember which picture is which when that much time goes by!)

My Aunt and I went hiking with one of her friends and his son. We explored lime ridge (walnut creek) where i've never gone hiking before. It always amazes me that I've lived in the East Bay my whole life and I am still discovering new spots to go hiking!

Loved taking pictures on these trails and i'll definitely be back soon!

Day 49

Taken Mon. 8-6-12

Day 48

Taken Sun. 8-5-12

Day 47

Taken Sat. 8-4-12

Day 46

Taken Fri. 8-3-12

Day 45

Taken Thu. 8-2-12

Day 44

(Taken Wed. 8-1-12)

Day 43

(Taken Tue. 7-31-12)

Day 42

(Taken Mon. 7-30-12)