Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 152

Sunday 11/18/12

Despite the rainy/muddy conditions my sister and I decided to check out one of the Muir Heritage Land Trust's properties: Fernandez Ranch (click for more info!).

I accepted a position as a communication/outreach coordinator with the Muir Heritage Land Trust a few days before this hike. I feel so honored to start working towards protecting open spaces in Contra Costa County. This photo project has strengthened my desire to protect our natural resources so that future generations can enjoy the same experiences my family and I have had. And now I have a real, hands-on chance to do just that with the Muir Heritage Land Trust!!

As we pulled in to the parking lot, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement for my new position at MHLT (and for the hike!)

Doggies are allowed, and Bambino loved it! He darted right to this bone (i'm assuming its a cow bone)!

Ferns have a big presence on many parts of the trail.

My sister and Bambino!

View of the mountain from the top of a hill!

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